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“Gain Force”

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The best kit to increase force. Kit included 1 bottle of Ligandrol 10mg, 1 bottle of RAD140 10mg and 1 bottle of Ibutamoren 25mg. Kit supply one month dosage.

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Gain force kit is the best choice for increasing muscle mass and strength, muscle recovery, burning fat and improve sleep quality


Ligandrol is the most well-researched SARM. Only one study has been related to investigation of its biological effects. Therefore while most of the research effort has been aimed towards doping detection instead. For example, one milligram dose of ligandrol suppressed total testosterone and sex hormone. Therefore, LGD-4033 is similar to synthetic analogues of male sex hormone. Therefore, It is somewhat milder and without the likelihood of a comparable risk of hepatotoxicity. Likewise, it does not cause an increase in female sex hormone levels.

The production of natural testosterone is quite significant. Therefore, it is important to use in cycles. It does not transform into substances with female sex hormone activity. Whitch is however a problem of classical substances. For instance, in a clinical study, 1 mg dose has yielded positive results. But it is classified as a doping substance. However, no serious adverse effects or increased liver enzymes were not detected. And lipid levels returned to baseline after discontinuation of ligandrol. The recommended dose is 10-20 mg. There are no tests on clinical studies.


  • Firslt it clearly increases muscle mass and strength
  • Gain force
  • Secondly, has male sex hormone-like traits
  • In addition reduces fat mass
  • It does not cause an increase in female sex hormone levels
  • It helps to gain force

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RAD140 is a novel (selective androgen receptor modulator – SARM). In other words selectively supports muscle growth over prostate growth. To clarify, in lower doses, it does not stimulate prostate growth, to rat study. At the same time, it is reasonable, to speculate that the side-effects (prostate growth) could increase. Monkeys were used in the same study. They were used to determine the effective dose. Bioavailability of RAD140 is 65-75% and effective dose is 0.1 milligram/kilogram. Therefore, it is reasonable to speculate that a dose for human clinical study would be 10 or 11 milligram. With increasing dose, there was no further increase in body weight. Increase the dose tenfold to 1 milligram per kilogram.

As a result expected, it lowered the “good” and “bad” cholesterol. It does not cause liver damage. There are no human studies yet. But the resrearch suggests, that RAD140 may have properties similar to testosterone. However, a few years after the initial study. It is considered a doping substance. Investigate other medically important studies.


  • Firstly improves libido and sexual performance
  • Secondly, the best SARM for muscle growth and size.
  • Also reduces fat and increases muscle mass.
  • Ideal to enhance body composition.
  • Rapid muscle recovery

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What is ibutamoren, MK-677?

Ibutamoren is an analogue of the hunger hormone (ghrelin) that has been researched for use in growth hormone deficit in children, elderly trauma recovery and sports.

Ibutamoren, body weight and body composition

In a study of overweight men, MK-677 did not help to decrease weight. However, ibutamoren increased muscle mass but left the fat mass unchanged. The side effect profile was favorable in that study. Ibutamoren is of no  interest for weight loss research. Exactly opposite is true.  In a young men’s study, ibutamoren prevented body mass loss. Ibutamoren has improved body composition (increased muscle %, decreased fat %), with good tolerability and no apparent side effects. Relatively minor side effects of ibutamoren are increasing cortisol levels and reducing insulin sensitivity. Excessive cortisol reduces bone density, reduced insulin sensitivity reduces gaining muscle mass. However, the main effect of ibutamoren overshadow these side effects because it both improves bone density and muscle mass.

In a study of elderly with a hip fracture, the researchers observed practical adverse effects. While ibutamoren helped the elderly subjects to climb the stairs more effectively, ibutamoren was not recommended because of too frequent cardiovascular adverse effects that were fairly serious. Moreover, mk-677 is a mixed bag in relation to cancer: in one study it inhibited cancer cells, in the second study it did nothing and in the third study it stimulated hormone-producing cancer cells. Therefore it seems that ibutamoren is a fairly dangerous research chemical for the elderly.

Ibutamoren, sleep, and anxiety

The connection between mk-677 and sleep has been studied in a small study. Above all, the effects of the preliminary study suggested increased sleep quality. This is quite unusual because sleep quality is difficult to improve. Most common pharmaceutical sleeping pills, alcohol, nicotine and caffeine decrease sleep quality. Ibutamoren may interact with anxiety but the interaction is complex and the research in early stage. It seemed to reduce anxiety in the short and to increase it in the long term. My subjective experience with mk-677 definitely agrees with improved sleep. A decrease in anxiety in short-term and increase in long term was not experienced first hand because ibutamoren is not psychoactive. An episode of insomnia and moderate anxiety was experienced after a few weeks after stopping ibutamoren. However, I did not experience acute withdrawal-like reaction.


  • Firstly, it increases muscle mass
  • Gain force
  • Secondly, sleep quality improves
  • In addition, it helps increase appetite
  • It also contributes to Recovery
  • It also increases bone mineral density
  • In addition, lowering LDL cholesterol
  • In conclusion, decreases insulin sensitivity and increases cortisol levels

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