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PRL-8-53 improved novel word recall after a week in bottom 60% learners by 200%.
There were 275 studies pertinent for GW501516 (cardarine) in PubMed.
There is only one white paper about PRL-8-53, yet it was considered the most reliable memory enhancing agent by nootropics community quiz.
At low, 2.5 mg dose, Cardarine had a highly specific effect - it increased "good" HDL cholesterol.


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Dear Enhancetech Customers We wish you a joyful Christmas season and a happy new year! I hope the holiday spirit stays with you throughout the year. Love’s alc...
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Dear valued regular and new customers! We have happy to say that we have massive discounts. Up to 35% discount for all our provided SARMs and Nootropics. Black ......
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Cardarine, Ostarine and Ibutamoren are very different performance-enhancing research chemicals SARMs. All three have been moderately well researched. Cardarine......
What kind of performance enhancers are PDE-5 inhibitors?
Phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE-5) inhibitors were originally investigated for hypertension because of their ability to relax blood vessels. To researchers' surprise, ......

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