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Enhancetech provides non-pharmaceutical less known, new or neglected older substances that have been of interest for research due to their potential for increasing physical and mental performance. These substances are not medications, natural products or nutrition supplements. These substances are provided for research use for different fields (physical performance, muscle mass etc.)

Most of our products can be categorized as SARMs and Nootropics.

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PRL-8-53 improved novel word recall after a week in bottom 60% learners by 200%.
There were 275 studies pertinent for GW501516 (cardarine) in PubMed.
There is only one white paper about PRL-8-53, yet it was considered the most reliable memory enhancing agent by nootropics community quiz.
At low, 2.5 mg dose, Cardarine had a highly specific effect - it increased "good" HDL cholesterol.


„Side effects” of some pharmaceuticals are researched as medicines against COVID-19
Chemicals that are designed for one particular purpose can have unexpected side effects – often adverse, sometimes useful. For example, according to anecdotal e...
Effects of Ibutamoren on brain
It seems that short-term use of ibutamoren after short-term stress reduces anxiety while long-term use during chronic stress increases anxiety.  A new paper [1]...
Get 10% off with cryptocurrency payout option
We are offering extra 10% discount when paying for SARMs and Nootropics by cryptocurrency. Discount appears in checkout, when choosing "Bitcoin or other cry......
SARMs bans in China and USA
In november 2019, USA started introducing SARMs control act that would make SARMs illegal to sell or possess but it has not become a law, yet (date: 02/14/2020)......

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