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RAD140 10mg

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Product consists of 30 gelatin capsules, there is 10 milligrams of RAD140  in each capsule.

Length of Research: 8-12 weeks

Not for human consumption. For research purposes only.

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RAD140 is a novel (selective androgen receptor modulator – SARM). In other words selectively supports muscle growth over prostate growth. To clarify, in lower doses, it does not stimulate prostate growth, to rat study. At the same time, it is reasonable, to speculate that the side-effects (prostate growth) could increase. Monkeys were used in the same study. They were used to determine the effective dose. Bioavailability of RAD140 is 65-75% and effective dose is 0.1 milligram/kilogram. Therefore, it is reasonable to speculate that a dose for human clinical study would be 10 or 11 milligram. With increasing dose, there was no further increase in body weight. Increase the dose tenfold to 1 milligram per kilogram.

As a result expected, it lowered the “good” and “bad” cholesterol. It does not cause liver damage. There are no human studies yet. But the resrearch suggests, that RAD140 may have properties similar to testosterone. However, a few years after the initial study. It is considered a doping substance. Investigate other medically important studies.

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  • Firstly improves libido and sexual performance
  • Secondly, the best SARM for muscle growth and size.
  • Also reduces fat and increases muscle mass.
  • Ideal to enhance body composition.
  • Rapid muscle recovery

2 reviews for RAD140 10mg

  1. Klark

    Rad140 is the best product. I took it four months and have impressive results. I reccomended took it with ibutamoren.

  2. Tim Shaegels

    I think that rad140 is best for beginners. Recommend.

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