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SR9011 10mg

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Product consists of 30 gelatin capsules, there is 10 milligrams of SR9011  in each capsule.

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SR9011 is a novel circadian clock amplifier not yet tested in humans but is already a suspected performance enhancing agent. In mice, it has reduced blood fat and sugar levels while it increased energy expenditure and appetite.

SR9011 (CAS#1379686-29-9) is a molecule that interacts with circadian clock. When mice were given Rev-ErbA? agonist. As a result, circadian clock amplification was observed in mouse brain, liver and adipose tissue. As a results, effects included increased energy expenditure and obese mice improved their excessive blood fat and blood sugar levels. However, a 10% increase of nocturnal food consumption was observed together with 15% reduction of movement during night phase. Quite dramatically, a single injection of substance resulted in loss of subsequent active period of mice kept in constant darkness. However, when SR9011 was injected to mice kept in light-darkness cycles simulating day and night. Then the effects were less dramatic, as the next daytime activity was just delayed a few hours.

In short, in mice is a wakefulness inducing agent. Therefore, in altering light-darkness cycles, and it has also some antianxiety properties. From the other hand, different field of study it was proposed that substance might be a performance-enhancing agent. Therefore development of doping detection methods has been sought. Finally, third field of study has revealed that SR9011 can suppress production of inflammatory mediators IL-6 and TNF-?.

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