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Boron 5mg


Product consists of 30 gelatin capsules, there is 5 milligrams of 5 mg boron as boric acid in each capsule.

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Boron is a micronutrient. Vegetables, fruits and nuts but are good sources while dairy. Meat have minimal boron levels. Positive effects are underestimated. Negative effects overestimates. Like case with vitamin D not so long time ago. The potential benefits have also been discussed in various forums.


  • Increases wound healing (it is used as an externally applied 3% boric acid solution for this purpose).
    Strengthens bones at least by several mechanisms.
  • Increasing the level of sex hormones, type 1 collagen and bone morphogenetic proteins.
    Boric acid (6 mg for one week) increases free testosterone in men.
  • Reduces estradiol.
  • In women, it approximately doubles both testosterone and estrogen.
  • Reduces inflammation biomarkers.
    Helps to increase vitamin D and magnesium level.
  • Boric acid-rich diets, water and soil areas correlate with reduced rates of cancers. Such as cervical cancer and prostate cancer. In addition, subjects chronically exposed to relatively high levels of boron do not suffer from overt negative effects.
    Finally, substance may have have played a role in the origin of life. Of the many sugars present in organisms. It seems to selectively stabilise ribose, constituent of RNA. While it cannot be said that is necessary for stabilisation of RNA. However, of today’s life, it may have served this function before more elaborate protein-based DNA-stabilization.

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