SARMs Comparison table

Cardarine, Ostarine and Ibutamoren are very different performance-enhancing research chemicals SARMs. All three have been moderately well researched.

Cardarine increases endurance and lipid metabolism. I´ts microdose elevates good cholesterol.

Ostarine mimics the anabolic effects of testosterone more selectively than anabolic steroids. It´s relatively non-toxic; alas, users of high doses have been hospitalized due to adverse effects similar to anabolic steroids (liver toxicity).

Ibutamoren is a synthetic analogue of hunger hormone. That alters the intensity rather than pattern of growth hormone secretion.

Larger doses have probably higher risk of adverse effects. Recently, it was even suggested that cardarine is dangerous when combined with a SARM (ostarine). While it may tempting to think that cardarine would be a good means to reduce the side effects of SARMs or ibutamoren, it may be a bad idea. Recently, it was suggested that combination of cardarine and ostarine is toxic. At least after prolonged use of the combination. The following table shows both desirable and undesirable effects of these three major performance-enhancing chemicals.