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“Burn Fat”

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The products are best for fat burning. Kit included 2 bottle of Ostarine 25mg and 2 bottle of Cardarine 20mg. Kit supply two months dosage.



Burn fat kit is the best choice for burning fat

Burn fat kit included 2 bottle of Ostarine 25mg and 2 bottle of Cardarine 20mg. Kit supply two months dosage.


Ostarine (MK-2866) is also known as Enobosarm. Is a quite well-researched. Relatively mild yet very selective molecule, that enhances male sex hormone. Effects that help to build muscle and strenghten joints and bones. It is also suitable for women due to its high selectivity. For men, it nearly does not suppress endogenous testosterone production. In addition, it’s side effects have appeared none or minimal, comparable to that of placebo. In the many clinical studies, 3 mg dose has yielded positive results without suppression of endogenous male sex hormone. Because that dose appears the most reasonable dose. It is classified as a doping substance. As such, it seems to be quite popular. Perhaps in higher doses ranging from 10 to 35 mg that neccessitate post-cycle treatment. Maybe due to its long history.

Its effects include:

  • Increased muscle mass and strength
  • Reduced fat mass
  • Most likely, improvement of bone strength

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Cardarine is agonist of PPAR? In other words, receptor that intensifies lipid metabolism. In other words, it makes the body to use lipids more effectively. Therefore, it have an attractive effect. Certainly cardarin alone is not enough to cause weight loss. Therefore, you need to altering the energy intake balance. However, the effects of cardarine, appear as quite exact opposite to the stereotypical “bad western diet”. Likewise alteration of “bad” LDL and “good” HDL cholesterol levels. To clarify, it has different effects in different doses according to clinical studies:

Table – Dose-dependent effects of cardarine at six weeks:


2.5 5 10
HDL + + +
LDL 0 0
Free fatty acids
Fats 0
Insulin 0
Weight 0 0 +

GW501516 is under scrutiny. In other words, it can support or suppress tumor cell activity. In conclusion, it is considered as a doping substance.


  • Firstly, it increases endurance
  • It also improves the blood profile associated with a high carbohydrate and high fat diet
  • Immunomodulation (reduction of IL-6)
  • In conclusion, it helps to gain weight at higher doses

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2 reviews for “Burn Fat”

  1. Christian Leibhaus

    Cardarine and Ostarine works very good together. Good products.

  2. Nataly

    Wowwww. Im so suprised

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