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Fluorenol 50mg


Product consists of 30 gelatin capsules, there is 50 milligrams of fluorenol in each capsule.

Length of Research: 8-12 weeks

Not for human consumption. For research purposes only.

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Fluorenol is almost completely unresearched chemical biologically. Fluorenol promotes wakefulness, attentiveness, information processing and logical thinking. Also enhances short-term visual memory. However, it is a metabolite of modafinil in rats, and it is a simple molecule. According to chemical screening, its predictable side effects. However, may be that it interferes with the effects of testosterone. And it may reduce endurance due to interference with mitochondria. On the other hand, the results of a rat study did not show overt toxicity to the rodents. And it may well be speculated that it is a more specific wakefulness-promoting agent. In addition, that has even lower probability to be habit-forming.

However, in rats, fluorenol was detected as a carrier of eugeroic properties. And in a study that examined the fate of non-toxic currently patented eugeroic substances. In addition specific eugeroic substances should have activity. In addition, that is limited to promoting wakefulness without altering mood. However, impairing cognition or causing addiction. Theoretically, fluorenol fills these criteria well. But there have been no human studies, including these of safety.


-Firstly, Promotes Wakefulness.
-Secondly, Promotes Attentiveness.
-Also, enhances short-term visual memory.
-In addition, it promotes Information processing.
-And in conclusion, it promotes logical thinking.

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