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Unifiram 5mg


Product consists of 30 gelatin capsules, there is 5 milligrams of Unifiram in each capsule.

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Unifiram (developmental code name DM-232) is an experimental drug. It has antiamnesic and other effects in animal studies with far greater potency than piracetam. DM-232 (CAS# 272786-64-8) is a substance that was reported in year 2000 to have similar properties to piracetam.But more potent in a mouse passive avoidance test. However, unifiram has shown pro-cognitive effects for mice by preventing amnesia. To clarify, the limitation of these methods is that nootropic compounds. Such as unifiram have usually failed to show memory improvement without induction of these amnesia-inducing compounds.

However, in the context of social learning task the memory facilitiation was detected. An extension of the experiment is necessary to make the rats forget. Unifiram did not cause overt modification of animals’ behavior, impairment motor coordination on rotarod test. Or alteration of exploratory behavior on hole-board test. The exact mechanism of action of unifiram is unknown. Likewise antagonizes kynurenic acid (endogenous glutamte antagonist) at AMPA receptor (rather than NMDA receptor). And slightly amplifies excitatory currents (fEPSP).

However, unifiram does not bind to the same receptors that are attacked by amnesic compounds. Therefore, it mechanism is indirect and unknown. It has been suggested that the mechanism of unifiram is similar to that of ampakines. Perhaps related to desensitization of AMPA receptors. In addition, other authors have found in a mouse study that the effect of unifiram may be allosteric modulator of NMDA receptor on glycine binding site. And thus enhance long term potentiation that facilitates memory. Conversely, the same authors found. That unifiram did not show antidepressant properties as assessed by tail supension test. While unifram has (or had?) potential for cognitive enhancement. And it seems to have very low short-term toxicity. It is unpatented. No known long-term toxicity. Human studies have not been performed. However, despite unexpected interest from lay persons interested in cognitive enhancement.


  • Helps memory improvement
  • Potential for cognitive improvement
  • Very low short-term toxicity

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